My advices are..

My advices are

3rd January 2011, Today in Malaysia, the media reports to public begin of classes at schools and other educational constitutions and I check diagrams on nuclear fission and fusion.

So many diagrams at Internet but none are near to my diagrams because my diagrams show ENERGY CAN BE MADE and ENERGY CAN BE DESTROY, while your diagrams show ENERGY CANNOT BE MADE and ENERGY CANNOT BE DESTROY.

Now, as a scientist, my research says, “Energy can be made and energy can be destroy”. while apparently every other educational academies and academicians say, “Energy cannot be made and energy cannot be destroy”.

More over your theory is Energy can only be converted to difference forms of energy. In which as my self, I use my theory that Dominants energies would replace and destroy lest dominants Energies.

I use this in all my formulations and calculations. Anyway, if you can decipher and decode my self sentimental value code at letters and writings then you can break the codes and discover the Books.

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